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On the use of scenes in roleplaying games

June 28, 2011


In the comments to my last post, Tim Koppang (designer of the great game Mars Colony) said: …players don’t use scenes as a tool in D&D like they do in, say, My Life With Master. Instead, they have “encounters,” or whatever. And I think that is more than just terminology. It means something different, both […]

Design Tools: Levels of resolution

June 25, 2011


Thanks to Clyde & Judd on Theory From the Closet for kickstarting this post in my mind. In the roleplaying games I’ve played and read, it seems there are 5 distinct levels of resolution. I take them as design tools. Not every game has all of them, though I’d argue that every game would benefit […]

I’m Making Games…

June 22, 2011


At least lately, I am. I picked up Gunner Rex again, the brainchild of Jake Richmond, and a game about fighting with giant Dinosaur Mechs in prehistory. It’s kind of an ambitious design for me, and I quickly got distracted by other things: -A game trying to do My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic justice […]