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Posted on October 8, 2014


I’ve decided to inhabit this place again, after significant time away. Previously it was a home for my thoughts about games. It will be that, and more. I’m making visual art again. I’m part of a local game design/writer’s circle. I’m interested in wargames. Lots of stuff is going on in my creative and personal space, and I want somewhere to go when I need to talk about it. I share a fair amount on Google Plus, but I’d like to have a place where things exist beyond the moment, even if it’s just for myself.

Things on my plate in the near future, that you may see me post about here:

  • My roleplaying game, Kim and Marshall–about exploring unbalanced power in an intense, larger-than-life relationship–is finished and the digital files are getting their final tweaks. I’ll release it here and talk more about it when it hits.
  • Other current games brewing, including a board game set in the Freemarket rpg universe.
  • After a years-long string of dissatisfaction with miniature wargames and their staying power with me, I want to get more into board wargames, hex-and-counter stuff, and just more generally involved boardgames.
  • DIY and print-and-play projects. Sometimes I don’t want to use my head and I just want to make something useful, if simple, with my hands. Currently I’m trying to resurrect (at least at my table) the somewhat dead-on-arrival indie miniature wargame Iron Tyrants into a hex-and-counter game that fits in a box and can be busted out and played like any other board wargame.
  • I’m going to be running both the new D&D and some old-school stuff soon. Looking at this blog, you might be forgiven for thinking I was already an old-school enthusiast, but my old “AD&D and Me” posts can be chalked up to a nascent interest that was unable to be satisfied at the time. These days, my RPG interests pretty much align with D&D and traditional stuff, a 180 swing away from where I’ve been pretty much my entire hobby life.
  • Visual art/sculptural stuff. I very rarely talk about anything visual I do in public, but this is my place, and the best way for me to get motivation to follow through on creative pursuits is to share things. So that’s what I’ll do.
  • More thoughts on game design readings. Since I last posted here I’ve read the entirety of Salen & Zimmerman’s Rules of Play, but I have plenty more books on my shelf that could do with some reading and discussion.
  • Any other interests I acquire that even somewhat intersect with any of the above. I’m a fairly interested person, and I can get excited about new things pretty easily. Topics may veer away from games or art into life.

Also, here’s how I’ll post: sporadically, then in a huge burst, then not for a month, then I’ll work to get on a hardline weekly posting schedule, then I’ll do whatever. Places like this one are incredibly useful to me, but I inhabit them in a lopsided way. Sometimes it’ll be flurry of activity, other times I’ll (seriously) almost forget I have a blog for a month and a half until at 3am it’s oh shit right and then things will change.

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