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Play As Work, a review

September 26, 2015


I will try not to generalize in that way that creates broad towering imaginary opponents that look imposing but have no depth to them and when pushed are carried down easily by the wind. Instead I will focus on one specific remembered human whose behavior radiates outward, flowing into a trend I know I have […]


August 25, 2015


Juiceboxxx is a man with a plan. Juiceboxxx is a white man from Milwaukee with a plan. In the year 20XX the planet is dying, children are being sold as sex slaves, you need a two maybe three income household to hold down the house, it’s getting hotter, humans are treated like garbage in the […]

The Warcaster Talent

August 15, 2015


I write about writing often, so I figured I’d share something that is now finished (as finished as I can make it), especially since some folks have been curious to read it. Some  things: This is fanfiction. I want to qualify and justify that, but fuck it. It is what it is. I embrace the […]

Ben Lehman says nice things about Kim and Marshall

July 15, 2015


Ben Lehman is a casual friend of mine. We live in the same town and occasionally game together, though it’s been a while. Ben Lehman is also a really awesome person and a brilliant game designer. I think there’re probably about 3-5 people in the RPG design sphere today who could legitimately be described as […]

Solo gamebook design

October 20, 2014


After my experience with Sorcery!: The Crown of Kings, I thought on what this gamebook was about, the experience it wanted me to have. I came up with two pillars of the solo gamebook: Challenge, and Immersion. Challenge The solo gamebook is a puzzle. There are correct paths. There are incorrect paths. The goal of […]

My Place

October 8, 2014


I’ve decided to inhabit this place again, after significant time away. Previously it was a home for my thoughts about games. It will be that, and more. I’m making visual art again. I’m part of a local game design/writer’s circle. I’m interested in wargames. Lots of stuff is going on in my creative and personal […]

Giant Fire Breathing Robot

February 18, 2012


I should have said, but I didn’t. Anyway, for now (as of the first of the year, 2012), I’ve been writing for Giant Fire Breathing Robot on tabletop games. I can’t maintain writing here while I do that, so this’ll lie fallow for the time being. If I ever stop that gig, expect to see […]